Descomplicar os Cristais ou Pedras Semi-Preciosas

Uncomplicate Crystals or Semi-Precious Stones

"Crystals or semi-precious stones, are important energetic channels of healing, balance and benefit, in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas. They work on energetic harmony, capable of organizing our disharmonies, empowering, enabling recovery and balance. They are important channels through which we can treat the most diverse imbalances.

In the composition of each stone there is an energetic universe with its minerals, with its crystallization system, in a unique combination of beauty and benefit. All of the mineral components that we find in crystals are also important parts of our health and physical well-being.

They act through the repetition of waves of the crystallization system, that is, the stones have a specific molecular arrangement, which is the system or the way in which it crystallized. As we have energy in everything, the crystals interact energetically making the flow of energy felt through their original design, energetically repeating it in an electromagnetic way, which expands throughout the auric field and physical body, favoring mineral replacement in a vibrational way.

They can act as tranquilizers, stabilizers, relieve pain, swelling, among many and infinite practical applications. But I'm not preaching here that you shouldn't go to the doctor, quite the opposite. Once the imbalance is installed, you really have to seek out a medical professional to treat it. The crystals act energetically on the cause, that is, on the imbalance that caused the somatization, it will benefit the healing, accelerate and also treat so that we can learn the thought pattern that led us to become ill, so that the same thing does not happen again. ..

We need to understand that we have a chemical universe inside our body that reacts and interacts with our emotions all the time, and reacts according to how we feel. Emotional imbalance promotes imbalance and disharmony in our body, in our cells, in our glands, it will bring illness and somatization. This all started with feeling... Crystals can help us work on the feelings that caused this imbalance, the Cause.

Crystals can interact with us in a subtle but very efficient way!

So let's look at some usage tips that can help maintain balance. Crystals are described by color, as they have a general action due to color, and within each color, a specific action for each stone.

Black Stones – 1st Chakra

Black Stones are: Givers of Protection, Dispel Negativity, perform Spiritual Cleansing, Energetic Alignment, make us put our Feet on the Ground and Visualize Reality. They are auxiliary to the action of the first chakra, vibrating in the auxiliary chakras of the feet. They make contact with reality and must be carried from the waist down, as they have a dense action.

Black Tourmaline

It works on unblocking and energy cleaning in all aspects. It brings a sense of reality and helps in achieving goals. Help transform negative thought patterns and negative emotions. It is an aid in the treatment of addictions of any nature, in the process of “letting go”.

Black Kyanite or Witch's Broom

Efficient energetic and spiritual cleansing stone. It corresponds to Blue Kyanite, the Sword of Archangel Michael, literally “sweeping away” negative energies and cutting negative energetic cords.

Red Stones – 1st Chakra
Red Stones are: Givers of Physical Vitality, promote Health by treating Blood, stimulate Circulation, are Rejuvenating, give Courage, Decision, Sensuality. They help with Flexibility and provide Heat and Movement. Care must be taken regarding the time of use, as the action of red stones in general is quite intense, and can cause excesses such as: insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, among others. The indication for use is 1 day with the stone to 1 day without the stone. They vibrate in the first chakra, and should be carried from the waist down, as they have a dense action.

Red Jasper

Invigorates physical vitality. Promotes greater practicality and objectivity in material achievements and in the search for solutions. It brings the sense of “presence”, of being here and now, in your reality.


Sacred Stone, used by several cultures. Provides Vital Force in an intense way, invigorating and rejuvenating. Provides clarity in decision-making moments. It provides a feeling of self-esteem, through the comfort of “being yourself”. Activates libido, especially female libido, as it helps them feel more beautiful, graceful and sensual.

Orange Stones – 2nd Chakra

Orange Stones are: Givers of Creative Stimulus, Spontaneity, help in “allowing” oneself to be different, Bring Out Talents, Provide Coziness. They detoxify the body, clear energy, bring Positivism.

Orange Calcite

Help in the treatment of depression, tiredness, lack of energy. This stone helps us reach our truth, remove emotional obstacles one by one, in resolving difficult issues. It also provides energetic and spiritual cleansing, reinvigorating body, mind, heart and spirit.

Orange Selenite

It acts by dissolving thought patterns, unblocks disturbed and confused mental states, opens the mind and directs it towards solving problems, relieves mental stress, promotes the opening of creativity. It can be passed gently into the auric field, or even with the spiritual determination to cut negative energies. It can also be left as a cleaning element and to de-impregnate stagnant energy in environments.

Yellow Stones – 3rd Chakra
Yellow Stones are: givers of Life, Expansion, Heat from the Sun responsible for the Joy of Living. They are highly stimulating, energizing, responsible for Personal Magnetism, Materialization of Assets, as they attract Wealth, bring Brilliance, Power, Fame.

Natural Citrus

Brings the shine of the Sun. Where the Sun shines, there is no place for darkness! It acts as a general tonic for the physical body, it will invigorate and expand the mind, open the heart to feel life positively, connect the soul to a highly positive spiritual sphere. Helps with the functioning of the entire digestive and metabolic system.

Tiger Eye

Giver of courage and determination. Self confidence! It has a very great spiritual force within it. It helps the user to enter this vibrational range, where personal strength combines with divine strength, to achieve and fulfill their purpose. It strengthens the mental aspect positively, where it will make the person believe in their strength and their power to achieve.

Imperial topaz

It creates a highly positive magnetism around the person, bringing the joy of living, integration with life. Creates an atmosphere of faith in life and spirituality. Illuminate.
Sharpens the senses, especially vision, at all levels. Encourages positive solutions with the certainty of success.

Green Stones – 4th Chakra

Green Stones are: givers of Balance, Health, Stability, Wisdom, Security, Prosperity, Sensitivity, Work on the Mental Aspect, Inspiration and increase Creative Capacity, Balance the Emotional, Promote Self-esteem and Self-confidence, Revitalize the Body and Balance the functioning of all Glands.


It helps in the Expression of Affection and also in Adapting to new situations. It involves the person in a very welcoming and loving energy. It makes you connect to the superior essence of your Soul. Attenuates excessive critical sense. It facilitates the processes of understanding reality, acceptance and interaction.


Relax self-demands such as expectations and demands. It helps people to reduce their mental resistance to the new, the unexpected, the unusual. It breaks austerity and excess coldness, leaving the mind and heart light and with harmony and even a certain joy and lack of commitment. Let go of the bonds of “I have to” do this or that. It helps the person to rediscover their state of pleasure, or the state of pleasure that the soul feels, in its exact measure.

Green Quartz

General tonic for the physical body of greatest efficiency, being able to act on the most diverse types of somatizations, where it will harmonize energetically, thus favoring balance. It brings to Light the Green Ray of spiritual healing, with all its potential, in a dense and very active way. Mentally, it acts to provide stability and a more practical and objective sense of reality. Act more than efficiently on: stress, depression, deep sadness, feelings of frustration, envy, feeling of impotence in the face of a situation, feeling of “not being good enough” to accomplish such a thing, loneliness, in short, suffering due to various causes, that is, those in which “everything is very” intense or even desperate.

Green Tourmaline

Great unblocker of energetic blockages, capable of energetically cleaning dissonant physical patterns that promote disease. Clears thought patterns that no longer fit into personal reality. It helps people to easily get rid of many behaviors and habits of any nature, including addictions. It makes a person let go of the old and open up to the new. Opens the mind to all aspects. It attracts prosperity, opens creativity, and facilitates the paths to materialization.

Bicolors of the 4th Chakra

Watermelon Tourmaline

(green and pink)

Cleanses the mind and heart of patterns that pre-suppose a fatality, a denial of a happy future. It helps to understand the processes of learning and self-awareness in these moments of emotional conflict, it facilitates the clearing of feelings such as: anger, sadness, hurt, incapacity, etc., which are the great villains of many types of different somatizations. It opens the energy of the person as a whole to the renewal of new and positive ideas and feelings. It favors a change of pattern, as long as the person allows themselves to do so.


(green and blue)

Integrate: feet on the ground, head in the sky. It addresses the issue of self-acceptance, caring for yourself, a positive attitude towards your personal choices and options, allowing and promoting self-knowledge, so that this integration can flow and translate into more beneficial postures and attitudes for yourself. It helps women with emotional disturbances caused by PMS and also during Menopause.

Pink Stones – 4th Chakra

They should never be used alone!

Pink Stones are: donors of Love, Self-esteem, Sensitivity, Sweetness, Release Sorrows and Resentments, Work on Traumas. The main component of pink stones, which gives them their pink color, Manganese, is a highly “sensitizing” agent, often leaving the person “on edge”, therefore it is essential to use it in conjunction with a colored Crystal green , as pink stones can cause a depressive emotional state, lack of affection, excess sensitivity.

Rose Quartz

It brings out feelings, brings to consciousness emotional processes that “drag on”, or unresolved situations, so that they can be worked on and resolved. It makes the emotional mind open, and pre-disposes the energy to solve these problems. As long as it is used with a green crystal, in conjunction with it.


Open your heart to your Soul! It aligns the mind with the awareness of one's own spirit, enabling the person to visualize their affection and their capacity to love, transforming thought patterns that are reticent to the expression of affection. It helps the person to see themselves differently, accepting themselves, it will provide them with greater self-esteem and self-worth. As long as it is used with a green crystal, in conjunction with it.

Light Blue Stones – 5th Chakra

Light Blue Stones are: givers of Wisdom, Discernment, Peace, Awareness, Calming. They promote Safety, Patience, Tolerance and Understanding. Relieve: Tension, Pressure, Pain, the discomfort of Fever. Promote Verbal Fluency.


Due to its internal composition, Beryl is very efficient in cases of nerve inflammation in general. Promotes deep well-being and inner peace. It brings the soul back together with its superior wisdom. Opens the process of acceptance of spirituality. Balances the mediumistic opening processes and the imbalances arising from it. It works on mental states of contained anger, hatred, revolt, fear and negativity. Clears the mind for both feelings and reality.

Chalcedony or Blue Lace Agate

It efficiently works on fears, helps to dispel sadness, and also acts beneficially on depression. It gives a sense of protection and love, inner peace. It calms the mind, promotes deep peace and the desire to be at peace with oneself, provides security and promotes calm in the face of conflicts. Security, peace and emotional stability. Ideal for children who have fears of different natures.

Blue Quartz

Calms and provides peace. It beneficially treats more physical aspects such as pain, discomfort caused by fever, alleviates inflammatory states, palpitations, anxieties, nervousness, helping energetically.

Indigo Blue Stones – 6th Chakra

Indigo Blue Stones are: donors of Mental Clarity, Security, Peace. They induce Meditation, Contemplation, provide or enable the Sense of Justice. They help provide us with: Direction, Depth, Introspection.


Stone of mental direction, objective and intention. It encourages courage and persistence in these goals and objectives. Promotes mental clarity and absorption of the knowledge necessary to make goals achievable. . It calms, internalizes, brings inner peace, but not the kind that anesthetizes, but the peace that makes the person feel very sure of themselves, and then begins to put into practice the goals they want to achieve.

Lapis Lazuli

Opening contemplation and connection. It acts on insomnia, on the nervous system, calming it. Promotes mental openness to the plane of superior wisdom. It opens up discernment and the absorption of new knowledge. It opens the mind to the new, the most beautiful, the most artistic, the most inspired, in short, all the positive connections of the soul with intellectual and spiritual refinement.

Violet Stones – 6th Chakra
Violet Stones are: Transmuters, Spiritualizers, they help with Spiritual Connection and Change of Attitude in a difficult phase.


This stone proposes a change in the person's energetic bodies. She is capable of transmuting the vibrational pattern. It helps to transmute attitudes, positions, which must be overcome in a process of overcoming difficult moments. It helps a lot in “getting rid of addictions”, be they of any nature, even addictions of thoughts, seeking to fill the “emptiness” that causes these addictions. It offers emotional support and support, before, during, and after the transformation process that may be taking place in people's lives.

Lilac Mica

Self-knowledge of your spirituality. It facilitates the mental and emotional aspects, the scope of understanding reality. It promotes integration with yourself and your sensitivity, your mediumship.

White Stones – 7th Chakra

White Stones are: agents of Illumination and Purification. They amplify spiritual energies, unblocking negativities, cleaning and energizing environments and people.

White Optical Calcite

Stone that makes us “in tune” with ourselves, with spirituality, with a work task, in short, its application is very extensive. Facilitator of self-knowledge, and also facilitator of learning in general, facilitating memorization. Tunes the abstract with physical reality.

White Quartz

Illuminating, purifying and energy-expanding stone. Especially positive for purifying environmental energies. It enhances positivity and creativity, harmony, inner peace, and connects light to its user. Illuminate the soul for evolution.


Stabilizer of mediumship, favoring the connection with your own spirituality, avoiding external interference. It helps in the processes of opening sensitivity and sensitivity, alleviating the physical discomfort arising from the process of this opening."

Article written by Angélica Lisanty adapted by Stephanny Ferreira
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