Limpeza e Energização dos seus Cristais

Cleansing and Energizing your Crystals


When purchasing a Crystal we have to keep in mind the entire process it went through, from when you first looked at it, fell in love with it and finally acquired it. From Garimpo, the “pulling” of the land, the process of breaking the pieces, the rolling process, cutting, the handling by different hands whose owners have the most different energies, until reaching you, the person he was at wait...

It is then necessary to do a first deep energetic cleaning, which does not need to be repeated in the way I suggest, every time you energize them. There are countless ways to do this, all of them valid and efficient, as there is no correct “recipe”, or the one that “works best”. Learn to trust your heart and intuition to know when it is necessary to cleanse your Crystals and how to do it. I will give some suggestions for this practice:

First Power Up

You must leave the Crystals or Stones for 24 hours in water, in a plastic or glass container, with salt (note that there are stones that cannot take salt and others that cannot even go to water*) indoors or in a covered place. After 24 hours, wash well and remove the salt. Leave for another 24 hours, this time in the open air, starting at night, the calm that fertilizes the energy, and then the Sun) there are stones that should not get sun**), which internally activates the energetic potential. The moment you put them in time, you will “program” them. Place them in your hands, say a Prayer to the Universe or to God, asking that that stone or crystal can be properly magnetized, and also be an element of benefit and a channel of superior healing, not only for yourself, but also for everyone who were “around”. Then address it mentally and then make your particular request, the specific mission you have for him, directing his action."

* for stones that cannot be placed in water, use a selenite base, for example, to clean and energize

** for stones that cannot sunbathe, use selenite as well.

Written by Angélica Lisanty with adaptation by Stephanny Ferreira

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