Corações de Apatite Azul

Stone of the Year 2022 - Blue Apatite


Taking this year's energies into consideration, the stone that has the gift of balancing us in these energies is Apatite!

Belonging to the Phosphate family, its chemical formula is: Ca5(PO4)3(OH, F, Cl) that is, it contains Phosphorus, Calcium, Fluorine and Chlorine.

Our body produces biological Apatite! It is present in the form of small crystals in our Pineal Gland, according to research by Dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira. It is also present in the enamel of our teeth.

In its action between Mind and Spirituality, it undoubtedly provides the energetic and vibrational contribution of a clear and very lucid spiritual connection, aligning our energy with spirituality, purifying our mind and favoring clear and true communication of the soul, favoring memory and quick thinking, thus opening our consciousness, brings a lot of lucidity and faith in oneself and in life, in addition to opening and expanding our intuition, it is very useful in the energies of this year.

When acting on Emotions, it can provide stability, calm and clarity to give vent to the moment, expressing emotions in the right dose, at the right time, with balance and peace.

In the physical body it collaborates in a vibrational way, favoring our body to resume the activities carried out by the 4 main minerals of its formation mentioned above.

I emphasize that the use of crystals does not, in any way, replace medical treatment. Crystals act in a subtle, vibrational way, collaborating and promoting energies necessary to return to our balance in mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

2022 has everything we need for a milder year, despite bringing lessons. All we need is to maintain balance, and stay in the truth of our hearts. Challenges will certainly appear, but Apatite will keep our heart at peace, our connection strong, and talk to God every day! It's going to be a very good year, if you're well!

by Angelica Lisanty adapted

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