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Pendulum Set 7 Chakras with Wire

Pendulum Set 7 Chakras with Wire

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Set of pendulums for the 7 Chakras respectively,

Muldhara – Root

It relates to instinct, safety, survival and basic human potential.

Red Jasper

Swasdhisthana - Sacred

It relates to sexuality and creativity. Ability to give and receive love.


Manipura - Solar Plexus

It relates to energy, assimilation and digestion. Boosts initiatives and talent.

Yellow Calcite

Anahata - Heart

It relates to emotion, compassion, love, balance and well-being

Green Quartz

Vishuddha - Throat

This Chakra is related to communication and rebirth; growth being a form of expression.

lapis lazuli

Ajna - Third Eye

It is the chakra of time, perception and light.


Sahasrara - Crown

Sense Chakra, the master chakra that controls others.

Crystal Quartz

It is accompanied by a thread with natural stones and beads made from the same crystals.

You can use the thread as a necklace.

Weight: 149g

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