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Inca Incense 7 Herbs

Inca Incense 7 Herbs

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Made with carefully selected "7 Herbs", this incense produces an aroma with a fine, smooth and very pleasant presence.

Its feminine energy is contagious, purifies, harmonizes and harmonizes the environment so that we can feel good, peaceful and at home. Bring the presence of the good Mother, Life and the Sea to our homes. Renew Purifies and gives birth.

Careful and artisanal manufacturing.

Non-toxic - Does not cause irritation/allergy

How to use:

  1. with a lighter, candle or on the stove, place the tip of the incense in the flame until it is lit in the incense;
  2. Leave the flame lit in the incense for 1 minute or until the ember is firm throughout the incense tip area;
  3. Move or blow the incense to put out the flame and increase the ember;
  4. Fix the incense in a ceramic censer (do not use wooden censers)

Composition: Almécega, Myrrh, Frankincense, Arruda aromatic concentrated oil, Cabreúva, Estoraque, Benzoin, Charcoal and Coarse Salt.

Each stick burns approximately 100 minutes.

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