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Quartz Double Roller Massager

Quartz Double Roller Massager

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Used by the Chinese, facial roller massagers are an anti-wrinkle tool, used daily to improve the appearance of the skin.

Used on the face, the freshness of the crystals on the skin promotes lymphatic drainage, useful for reducing sagging skin, wrinkles, open pores, as well as improving firmness and toning.

Crystal rollers also work wonders when worn around the neck. They help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, while gentle pressure increases collagen, reduces puffiness and improves elasticity.

Eliminates impurities from pollution and relieves muscle tension.

It is also used to reduce headaches.

Crystal Quartz - Provides energy, purifies and harmonizes. For mature and sensitive skin.

How to Use :

Use your Crystal Roller with your serums, oils or facial balms.

Simply roll in upward movements, massaging the skin to obtain an incredible effect of well-being and product absorption. Don't forget to massage your neck.

Use your Roller for 5 to 10 minutes three times a week.

You can use it in the morning or at night.

The larger side is recommended for use on the face (cheekbones, forehead, nose) and neck.

The smallest part is to be used on the eyelids and around the eyes.

Note: for better effectiveness, place your massager in the fridge for 30 minutes before using it; Use it in the morning to reduce natural morning bloating.

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