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Sapphire and Ruby Bracelet

Sapphire and Ruby Bracelet

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Stone that develops consciousness with spiritual wisdom. It helps us expand our consciousness and achieve emotional balance, ordering our ideas. Giving us mental lucidity, it allows us to see with the eyes of the soul, as it has the spiritual plane as its supervisor.

It helps us with our vision, facilitating eye recovery, cleaning impurities and calming muscle tension.


It gives vigor to life, increasing motivation, leading to the creation of realistic goals, and even promoting leadership.

Despite being a 1st Chakra crystal, it is good for the heart because it stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging it to follow the path of the heart.

The use of Crystals is a complementary therapy and does NOT replace medical treatment.

Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in shape, size and tone.

The price indicated is for 1 unit of the item shown.

6mm beads

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